23 ottobre 2016

Spotify disponibile per Samsung Tizen smart TV

Finalmente è possibile scaricare l'app Spotify anche sulle ultime Samsung Smart TV con Tizen OS!

20 marzo 2015

Live streaming eclissi solare 20 marzo 2015

Per chi non avesse a disposizione occhiali da saldatore, scatole di scarpe modificate per l'occasione ed in particolare... il sole :-) Ecco qua alcuni embed presi qua e la dal globo con il nostro bellissimo sole che viene nascosto pian piano...

4 marzo 2014

How to enable autoplay on VEVO embed videos

Sometimes I need to set the autoplay mode on embed videos and recently I get one from the VEVO site.
VEVO's embed code is like this snippet:
 <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="324" src="http://cache.vevo.com/m/html/embed.html?video=GB1101400011" width="575"></iframe>  
To enable by default the autoplay you must simply add a second parameter to the url named "autoplay" with the value of "1".
The final embed code is something like this:
 <iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="324" src="http://cache.vevo.com/m/html/embed.html?video=GB1101400011&autoplay=1" width="575"></iframe>  

9 aprile 2013

jwspack: package JW Player Skins on the fly

I'm using JW Player from some months for my latest projects and I made this useful tool to package the skins so the loading and the distribution is much faster then keep linked all the source image files.

You can find it at this url:

Zip your skin folder (the zip file name must be equals to the skin name) and then you can copy the final encoded xml source from the result textarea.

Please let me know of your suggestions, if any.

6 agosto 2012

Use CSS Agent in a ASP.NET MVC web application

CSS Agent is an ASP.NET handler that provides automatic vendor prefixes, CSS constants and minification to your style sheets.

I always use it on my last ASP.NET Web Forms applications without any problems but since I moved to ASP.NET MVC web applications I must remember to ignore the specified CSS URL route on the RegitserRoutes method on my Global.asax.cs file:


Where "screen-min.css" is the relative path to my stylesheet file.

6 luglio 2012

How to simply retrieve a Facebook ID using Graph API

If the owner of a Facebook Fan Page or of an account has set the username and you want to retrieve his ID, you can simply get it through a Graph API request.

2 febbraio 2012

Tool to add Facebook app page tab

After some Facebook modifications I made this useful tool to add an application to a page tab from its id and the iframe url. Remember to login first ;-)

App id:
Iframe url: